•A guide to seven key lessons: Self-control, selflessness, responsibility, morality, humor, gratitude, and leading by example
•How to lead by example to ensure the most efficient manner of teaching your children to live their lives
•Steps to developing each of the seven lessons in children of all ages
•Exercises to parent effectively within each of these lessons
•Why laugh at yourself
•How each of these skills will prepare your child for adulthood

7 Lessons Children Need to Learn: What Makes a Good Parent


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Are you a new parent that is afraid of how to go through the process of raising your new son or daughter?
Are you an old parent who feels like your methods of raising your child are not working as effectively as you would prefer?
Are you simply interested in raising children in preparation for children you hope to have in the future?
No matter where on the spectrum you fall, if you are interested in parenting children, keep reading



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