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An infallible memory

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infallible memory

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Infallible memory

It is said in ancient India that a poor young man in search of a better life, while wandering in desolate lands, fatigued and tired, found shelter for the night in a dark cave.
After consuming some food, when his eyes were closing to spend the night, he heard a voice whispering to him: “Pick up the stones and put them in your backpack”.

Believing it was the excessive fatigue to produce the illusion of that voice, he continued to sleep.
The voice kept repeating the same phrase, several times, “Pick up the stones and put them in your backpack” so much so that the young man, now confused between sleep and reality, decided to put a few stones in his backpack and continue to sleep.

In the morning, before sunrise, while it was still dark around him, he left the cave and headed towards the nearby village.
When, after a long walk, hunger claimed its right, he entered a large market full of food and decided, with that little money he had left, to buy something to sink his teeth into.
On opening his backpack where he kept his last few coins, he realized he had several diamonds.
Yes, those were not stones; they were diamonds.

I let you imagine the frustration of not having picked up many more stones and not having listened to that voice.
I have prepared and written with commitment and passion this manual of memory, full of advice and suggestions that, like stones, will fill the backpack of your mind.
Once you have finished reading this book you will realize having surprising skills that, like a precious diamond, will enrich your life.
Collect as many stones as possible and you will not regret the time you have invested!



infallible memory
  • This book is your complete guide to a better memory.
  • This book will teach you how to develop accurate memory.
  • Simple methods that allow you to nail down information easily.
  • The mental technique for remembering names without anxiety.
  • With this guide you can become more powerful at work, at school.
  • Follow the memory techniques and turn your mind into a super-powered computer.

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infallible memory

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